Sorgun is famous with curative thermal springs justifiably. Sorgun thermal springs, healing lots of illnesses, is proceeding to become a brand with five-star complexes throughout Turkey, and is being known day by day. Sorgun people have recently noticed that they live on energy resources and thermal springs have many advantages beyond being just bath. Coal, uranium, and necessarily geothermal resources.


Clean, healty, and eco-friendly. In sum, the power that makes Sorgun a Turkey brand and boosts our economy lies in depth: geothermal. Thermal waters in Sorgun are approved by Ministry of Health to cure rheumatism pains, chronic inflammatory sickness, spasm, fracture-luxatio pains, gynecological diseases, dermatologic diseases, and kidney diseases. If geothermal resources in Sorgun are utilized as tourism investment, thermal tourism within health tourism will improve. Promotion of Sorgun Thermal Complex throughout the country with historical and cultural wealth, will be a substantial contribution to our economy.


Supporting enterprise of private sector and providing to construct luxurious thermal springs and treatment centers are important strategies for progressing of the county. Sorgun has importance in terms of thermal tourism. Under the favour of hot water, in Sorgun there are 3 thermal springs and subsidiary facilities. Especially in summer, hot springs get attention more. In recent years considerable steps have been taken in thermal tourism, in Sorgun. Financiers interested in thermal tourism hold examinations in Sorgun, and some of them decided to have investment.