Industry and Commerce

Trade, agriculture, husbandry, and carrying trade are main means of livings of Sorgun people. Wheat, barley, chickpea, lentil, and sugar beet are main agricultural products. Sorgun Sugar Factory, brickyards belonging to private sector, coal plants, batch plants, greenhouse cultivation, geothermal tourism, flour plants, construction, and carrying trade have a great share in economy of the county.

Construction sector and geothermal springs and hotels have advanced in recent years. Agricultural management is generally as medium-sized and small scale enterprises and also manufacture as tenancy and partnership is common. Husbandry is as important as agriculture. Husbandry back-end applications in agribusiness speed up the course of modern husbandry. The number of large scale factories and managements with modern technologies is very few in Sorgun. There are brickyards, ready mixed concrete plants, insulating material production plants, and small scale furniture workshops. In Sorgun, trade consists of buying and selling of agricultural and animal products, commerce of industrial products, and business of small retailers and craftsmen. Commercial activities are done in marketplace established on particular days of week and business office.

Grain, fruit, and livestock produced in villages and towns and marketing of them make up the most important part of trade. Grain, flour, sunflower seed oil, legumes, livestock, and animal product selling is made to neighboring and other cities. In Sorgun a lot of brickyards are in service. The first brickyard was established in 1975. Brick, pumice concrete, ready mixed concrete, insulating material, marble, PVC, kitchen closet produced in the county are sold to nearby cities. Poultry husbandry and egg producing and small cattle and bovine farms are increasing day by day. In parallel with growing, incorporation and becoming a cooperative are increasing.

Coal mines contributes to transport business, and transport business contributes to trade. Sugar Plant started production in 1998, has an important position in economy of the county, both contribution to employment problem and contribution to beet production. About 250 shops established in SorgunYesilovaKucukSanayi Site, offer service to nearby cities.