History of Sorgun

Sorgun, located in circus- in the middle of Turkey, has been home to many civilizations during its history. It is located on E-88 Highway, connecting the west of Turkey to the east and Samsun-Tokat-Kayseri-Adana Highway junction, connecting the north of the Turkey to the south. Sorgunis a thermal paradise.

Besides, it has been one of the attraction centers of Central Anatolia Region with its tourism, handicrafts, large and fertile cultivated areas, overland and underground sources, geothermal resources, rich uranium deposits, attempts to develop and successful projects applied during the recent years. Thanks to historical heritages and thermal springs of Sorgun, cultural and medical tourism are progressing day by day and this invigorates the social and economical life in the city.

Sorgun, famous with coal deposit and geothermal resources, has also the richest uranium deposits of Turkey with 7000 ton. Sorgun is established in mid-Kızılırmak region, on Yozgat- Sivas highway. Its elevation from sea level is 950 meter, and its square measure is 1769 centare.

Sorgun is the biggest county of Yozgat with its 100.000 population in total.Sorgun, 35 km away from the Yozgat, is surrounded with Akdagmadeni and Saraykent in east, Yozgat in west, Sarıkaya in south, and Aydıncık and Çekerek in north.